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Setting a Higher Standard

As longtime residents and dentists in Hickory, NC, practice owner Dr. Jackson Hanigofsky and associate Dr. E. Dean Powell in addition to support from the Dental Health Concepts team consistently deliver the highest standard of dental care, comfort, and compassion available for a full suite of dental services.

Meet Our Team.

Innovative Technology

From techniques that help patients heal much faster with connective tissue graphs to expertly used equipment that saves patients time with same day crowns and one hour whitening, Dr. Hanigofsky and Dr. Powell at Hickory Dentist by Dental Health Concepts offer patients the very best in the latest dental advancements. Learn more about how our technology can help you by scheduling your FREE cosmetic dental consultation.

Community Outreach

Our Hickory dentist team is proud to be a part of outreach programs in Catawba County and surrounding areas.

Discover how Dr. Hanigofsky and hygienist, Susan McLain, were recently making an impact in Taylorsville, NC via the Baptist Dental Bus program.

Preventative Oral Care & General Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry &
One Hour Whitening

Restorative Dentistry

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TMJ, Snoring, & Other Common Dental Concerns

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Need Braces? Reveal® Aligned Therapy is Here!

Same Day Crowns
And Porcelain Veneers

Comforting, Caring, & Compassionate Dentistry

Dr. Hanigofsky is casually leaning against a brink wall and smiling

Dr. Hanigofsky

Dr. Hanigofsky grew up in the Hickory, NC area and is proud to call this beautiful community home to his dental practice. As a longtime resident, Dr. Hanigofsky offers a welcoming and calming experience patients notice and comment on from the moment he enters the room.

“I’m thrilled to have the privilege of purchasing Dr. Powell’s practice and work alongside him with our experienced team. I look forward to continuing the level of commitment to excellence in quality care Dr. Powell has established in the Hickory area for more than 25 years.” – Dr. Jackson Hanigofsky



Dr. Powell wearing a suit and smiling in front of flowering shrubs

Dr. Powell

Dr. Powell, an established dentist for more than 25 years in Hickory, NC,  has a passion for excellence when it comes to comfort and superior results for his patients. As a veteran, his unique set of skills and techniques stem from decades of continuing education combined with his extensive training as a medic in the Green Berets and his time spent at the UNC at Chapel Hill Dental School where he completed his rotations with honors. Read more about Dr. Powell by clicking “Learn More“. 

Professional Distinctions:
Bestowed the honor of “Fellow” in the Academy of General Dentistry
President of the North Carolina Academy of General Dentistry
Secretary / Treasurer of the North Carolina Academy of General Dentistry
First District Representative in the North Carolina Academy of General Dentistry
Vice-President in the North Carolina Dental Society
President in the Catawba County Dental Society



5 gold stars in a row


What our patients are saying...

“10/10 recommend trying out this dentist! Dr. Hanigofsky is amazing! The ladies at the front desk are also so nice. I’m always greeted with a smile and taking back almost immediately when I arrive. They make going to the dentist so much easier!”

Samantha Harvey

“Wow! Painless Injections! That is only the beginning of this excellent office. I have had exceptional dentistry from Dr. Powell and his team for thirty years. Through their oral hygiene care instructions, the newest and improved techniques and the highest quality products, I have maintained excellent dental health that has, in turn, affected my total health! Come enjoy awesome dentistry with me!”

Sylvia F.

“I had grafting done for the first time by Dr. Powell and the process was easy and painless. When I returned home I began reading about others’ experiences with grafting and noticed that what I was going through was much different. While others were saying this was the worst pain of their life, I had no pain at all. I was just so happy to not be in pain and will get my other grafts done by Dr. Powell!”

C. Lee

“My family and I have been patients of Dr. Powell’s for almost 20 years. The dental care is outstanding and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. Dr. Powell and his entire team treat us like part of their family. If you are looking for the highest quality of work and the best possible experience in dental care, choose the team at Dr. Powell’s practice.”

K. Kirby

“At 66 years old I can say that I received the best dental examination in my entire life, I never experienced all that care before from any dentist, Dr. H is amazing.”

Johnny Stiltner

Just in for a cleaning and had a couple of cracks in a tooth – crown needed. They were able to get it done same day and I’m thrilled!”

Susan Owen

Helpful Articles

The Benefits of High Tech Cone Beam Dental Scans

Did you know not all dental scanning technology is the same? Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scans offer a more in-depth and accurate 3-D scan of both your soft tissue and teeth than traditional scanning equipment. A higher resolution and quicker scan means your dentist will have critical information about your oral health before beginning your procedure. Here are five advantages you will receive by your dentist using this innovative technology in your next dental visit.

Making a Difference in the Community

Dr. Hanigofsky and our hygienist extraordinaire, Susan McLain, were spotted donating their time and talents to patients in need of free dental care at the Baptist Dental Bus at Reformation Lutheran Church in Taylorsville, NC.

Dr. Powell Is Voted Catawba Valley’s Finest Dentist!

Thank you to all who voted Dr. Powell the finest dentist in Catawba Valley!

Full Suite of Dental Services in One Hickory, NC Location

Dr. Powell, recently voted the finest dentist in the Hickory area, offers patients a full suite of comprehensive dental services in the same convenient location! No more bouncing from one dentist to the next for these seven common oral health services. Save time and money with in-house procedures like these!

Reduce Medical Costs by Making Your Teeth and Gum Health a Priority!

Looking for more chances to save on your healthcare bills? One of the best ways to keep your medical and dental costs down is to make your teeth and gum health a high priority! Use these five reasons your oral health needs should not be postponed to find more savings in terms of time and money while feeling better about your smile.

2020 Annual Team Meeting

For our annual team meeting this year, we chose to spend some time at Blowing Rock, NC. This was the perfect opportunity to build a more unified vision for our practice family while brainstorming over opportunities for improvement. Of course, we also were able to take advantage of the gorgeous views and unique finds in the local boutiques! View our pics and clips by playing the video below. Then, learn more about ways we are striving to be the best at providing a safe and comfortable experience by making your next appointment at (828) 322-2133 of filling out our contact form online. We look forward to seeing you soon!

5 Ways to Save on the Cost of Dental Care!

As we age, we often begin to plan for an increase in dental care expenses. However, with these tips, you can enjoy big oral health savings without compromising on quality. Discover these five ways you can love your smile at any age without breaking your healthcare budget!

Hickory Dentist Welcomes Dr. Jackson Hanigofsky

Hickory dentist, Dr. E. Dean Powell, is proud to announce Dr. Jackson Hanigofsky is joining his Viewmont practice family! Dr. Hanigofsky is excited about this opportunity to return to the area of his childhood and practice alongside his long-time mentor and friend. Gain access to more information about Dr. Hanigofsky and the steps that led to this greatly anticipated announcement in this personal interview with both dentists.

Can Stress or Anxiety Affect My Oral Health?

If you are experiencing heightened levels of stress and anxiety, such tension could be making more problems than you know for your teeth. You may already know these health concerns are commonly associated with a long list of diseases throughout the body, but what about your oral health? Discover what impact your emotional state may be having on your teeth and gums.

What to Expect With Your Initial Exam at Hickory Dentist

What is an initial exam for new dental patients and why is it necessary? If you live in the Hickory or the surrounding area, you may schedule a free meet and greet consultation with Dr. Powell to discuss any concerns or questions you may have. However, an extensive initial exam will be required before any cleanings or procedures can be performed. Here is why this is great news for you!

5 Reasons for Athletes to Wear Mouthguards

Mouthguards are worn by athletes for more reasons than you may know. From protecting one’s jaw to preventing concussions, these small devices make a world of difference in the sports industry. Find out why dentists and physicians of all fields recommend mouthguards for sports participants of all ages.

The Best in Preventative, Cosmetic, and Restorative Dentistry

When you need a dentist in the Hickory, North Carolina area and you want the best results for all your preventative, cosmetic, and restorative oral health needs in one convenient location, Dr. Powell at Hickory Dentist is the one to call. His holistic painless approach helps hundreds of patients experience dentistry in a new light. From same-day crowns to tooth whitening, Dr. Powell offers the comprehensive services you seek with the expertise you’ll love.

The 3 Best and Safest Teeth Whitening Options

Discover the best and safest tooth whitening options to enjoy a brighter smile starting today.

Pros and Cons of Same Day Dental Crowns, Which is Best?

One of the most common questions patients ask Dr. Hanigofsky and Dr. Powell of Hickory Dentist by Dental Health Concepts concerns the differences between the traditional multiple-day dental crown process and the same day dental crown process. Although both will result in a color-matching crown you can be proud to show off, there are reasons a patient may prefer one process over another. This article shares more information about the two dental crown methods to help you discover which process is the best for your smile and your wallet.

Why Patients Love Dr. Powell AKA The Hickory Dentist

You’ve heard the stories and read the testimonials about patients coming from all over to the small town of Hickory, NC in order to receive dental care by The Hickory Dentist, Dr. Powell, and his experienced team. Comments like “No pain!”, “No longer afraid of visiting the dentist!”, and “Unbelievable results!” are what you hear when you ask about Dr. Powell’s practice. Plus, he does it all with local anesthetics and hypnosis. Does it sound too good to be true? Read on to find out about the training, skills, and technology that set Dr. Powell apart and why his methods work so well patients are willing to drive and fly long distances to see him.

5 Reasons To Love Your Customized Nightguard

Dr. Powell, the Hickory Dentist, is the one to see about your nightguard to help with toothaches, facial soreness, earaches and headaches as these can all be painful signs that you clench or grind your teeth. While making healthy lifestyle changes can help, you might think you have to live with the resulting discomfort. Luckily, there is a pain-free solution to this common problem with a dental night guard, and all it takes to get started is a quick visit to your dentist!

The Link Between Oral Health & Your Overall Health

Several of our Hickory area patients asked Dr. Powell, “How does bacteria in your mouth impact your health in other ways?” We all learned about the bacteria under our nails and on our skin in high school. That lesson scared us into learning to wash our hands after we use the restroom and again before we cook or eat. But, like your hands, your mouth also contains a massive amount of bacteria with up to over 700 strains! What is the big deal about bacteria in your mouth and what does it say about your overall health?

How Important Is Flossing If I Brush Well?

Patients often ask Dr. Powell, the Hickory Dentist, if they can skip the floss by doing a better job brushing. The importance of brushing our teeth is instilled in us from the time our baby teeth begin to show. Some mothers even use a wash cloth to help their babies become used to the idea of brushing before a toothbrush is needed. It is clear brushing twice per day with a soft bristled brush is certainly one of the primary methods we have to clean our teeth. But, is it enough? Is flossing really necessary as long as a thorough brushing job is part of your daily routine?

Your Dental Appointments Are Not Just For Cleaning Your Teeth

Dr. Powell, one of the top dentists in the Hickory and surrounding area, explains about why regular teeth cleanings are so important to our healthy beyond having a squeaky clean smile.