What to Expect With Your Initial Exam at Hickory Dentist

Dr Hanigofksy leaning on a bridge railing

cWhat is an initial exam for new dental patients and why is it necessary? If you live in the Hickory or the surrounding area, you may schedule a free meet and greet consultation with Dr. Powell to discuss any concerns or questions you may have. However, an extensive initial exam will be required before any cleanings or procedures can be performed. Here is why this is great news for you!

Meeting Our Dentists
Whether you just moved to the area or you are interested in finding out more about why patients often report Dr. Hanigofsky and Dr. Powell have removed any anxiety about spending time at the dentist’s office. Patients enjoy Dr. Hanigofsky’s welcoming demeanor that makes you feel heard and valued. Dr. Powell’s unique background, techniques, and passion for the pursuit of excellence in patient comfort, holistic health, and stunning end results draw patients from long distances. While making an appointment to speak with our experienced team, ask about our free cosmetic dental consultation where you can ask any questions you may have about the practice or cosmetic procedures you would like to have performed.

Taking the First Step
When you are ready to set up your preventative, cosmetic, or restorative procedure, the first step is to complete your initial exam. This is a critical part of any new patient’s first appointment as it helps your dentist understand your past medical history, present oral health state, and can bring to light concerns that either may be in the beginning stages or have gone untreated. It is in the initial exam that the team discovers if there any signs of gingivitis, cavities, pocket depth issues, or underlying health problems that may interfere with dental procedures. Also, as many diseases may be noticed by your dentist before symptoms appear in other areas of the body, this exam serves as a baseline map for your wellness care plan that may be shared with your other medical care professionals.

Discuss Medical History
No judgments here! This is your time to chat about key components of your medical history leading up to the current date. The collected data will be used solely for care related purposes in an effort to maximize your dental health and allow our team at Dental Health Concepts to perform procedures safely. For example, certain medications and illnesses can greatly impact how your dentist proceeds with your oral healthcare plan such as asthma or medications that cause dry mouth and may require alterations to your treatment or suggested procedures. Additionally, discussed sleeping, smoking, vaping, alcohol use, or other lifestyle habits inform the team to be on the lookout for related symptoms that may affect the approach the team takes to your oral care, overall health, or oral hygiene routine.

A Thorough Oral Exam is Performed
Next, it is time for the team to take an up-close examination of your teeth, gums, tongue, and cheek. Our dentists will ask about any concerns you may be experiencing during this time along with looking for symptoms of underlying conditions as he does for all wellness visits. Since your dentist will oftentimes be the first to notice the beginning stages of a myriad of diseases, these screenings are imperative for catching such illnesses as early as possible to improve the opportunities for treatment and lower the impact of the treatment in terms of stressing your body, time, emotions, and expense. regularly maintained wellness visits. Moreover, Dr. Hanigfosky and Dr. Powell are searching during this time for the best way to care for your teeth and gum health and will make note of such concerns as gingivitis, cavities, pocket depth, sealant protection, bite alignment, and much more.

Take X-Rays
Along with the above exam, the team may take X-Rays to review areas that cannot be seen otherwise. Some examples include decay between teeth, an old filling, and other structural damage that is not visible on the surface of the tooth or gumline. This way, Dr. Powell does not miss a step in preventative or restorative care that could have a direct link to areas of concern in your mouth as well as other areas of your body.

Make a Plan
The assessment is now complete, and a plan for treatment options will be developed and discussed with you to help reach your optimal health. Dr. Hanigofsky and Dr. Powell are proactive in their approach to dental care and will always offer professional advice on all noted issues that may require action in an effort to make you feel as pain-free and healthy as possible using the latest proven techniques and technology available. By being proactive with all healthcare needs, patients can expect to save significantly on repairs and treatments that are caught in early stages as opposed to waiting until they become a much more urgent and costly concern.

Therefore, whether you are looking for cosmetic dentistry options or you are interested in finding a dentist for your ongoing general and restorative care, you will find a full suite of comprehensive dental services at Dental Health Concepts with Dr. Hanigofsky, Dr. Powell, and the Dental Health Concepts experienced team. Learn more about what you can expect from his customized initial exam by filling out our convenient online form or calling (828) 322-2133 today and scheduling your free cosmetic dental consultation. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice soon!