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E. Dean Powell, DDS PA

General, Cosmetic, and Restorative Dentistry

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231 13th Ave Pl NW
Hickory, NC  28601


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Monday-Wednesday 8am-5pm

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Fridays by appointment

Setting The Standard

Dr. Powell sets the best level of dental care. From being bestowed the honor of being a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry to holding many titles of prestige in the field of dentistry including President of the North Carolina Academy of General Dentistry, Dr. Powell sets the bar when it comes to top quality  care for his patients. Read more about his achievements here.

Innovative Technology

From techniques that help patients heal much faster with connective tissue graphs to expertly used equipment that saves patients time with same-day crowns and one-hour whitening, Dr. Powell offers his patients the very best in the latest dental advancements. Learn more about how Dr. Powell’s technology can help you here.

Community Outreach

The Dean Team is proud to be a part of outreach programs in Catawba County and surrounding areas. Along with his team, Dr. Powell has a long history of promoting oral health education in schools and community.

Preventative Oral Care

One-Hour Whitening

Restorative Dentistry

TMJ & Other Common Dental Concerns

FREE Cosmetic Consultation

Same-Day Crowns
And Porcelain Veneers

The Dr. Powell Difference

Dr. Powell has a passion for excellence when it comes to comfort and superior results for his patients. As a veteran, his unique set of skills and techniques stem from over 25 years of continuing education combined with his extensive training as a medic in the Green Berets and his time spent at the UNC at Chapel Hill Dental School where he completed his rotations with honors. Read more about Dr. Powell by clicking “Learn More”. 

K. Kirby

“My family and I have been patients of Dr. Powell’s for almost 20 years. The dental care is outstanding and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. Dr. Powell and his entire team treat us like part of their family. If you are looking for the highest quality of work and the best possible experience in dental care, choose the team at Dr. Powell’s practice.”

C. Lee

“I had grafting done for the first time by Dr. Powell and the process was easy and painless. When I returned home I began reading about others’ experiences with grafting and noticed that what I was going through was much different. While others were saying this was the worst pain of their life, I had no pain at all. I was just so happy to not be in pain and will get my other grafts done by Dr. Powell!”

Sylvia F.

“Wow! Painless Injections! That is only the beginning of this excellent office. I have had exceptional dentistry from Dr. Powell and his team for thirty years. Through their oral hygiene care instructions, the newest and improved techniques and the highest quality products, I have maintained excellent dental health that has, in turn, affected my total health! Come enjoy awesome dentistry with me! Thank you Dr. Powell and Team!”

Helpful Articles

Your Dental Appointments Are Not Just For Cleaning Your Teeth

Dr. Powell, one of the top dentists in the Hickory and surrounding area, explains about why regular teeth cleanings are so important to our healthy beyond having a squeaky clean smile.

The Link Between Oral Health & Your Overall Health

Several of our Hickory area patients asked Dr. Powell, “How does bacteria in your mouth impact your health in other ways?” We all learned about the bacteria under our nails and on our skin in high school. That lesson scared us into learning to wash our hands after we use the restroom and again before we cook or eat. But, like your hands, your mouth also contains a massive amount of bacteria with up to over 700 strains! What is the big deal about bacteria in your mouth and what does it say about your overall health?

How Important Is Flossing If I Brush Well?

Patients often ask Dr. Powell, the Hickory Dentist, if they can skip the floss by doing a better job brushing. The importance of brushing our teeth is instilled in us from the time our baby teeth begin to show. Some mothers even use a wash cloth to help their babies become used to the idea of brushing before a toothbrush is needed. It is clear brushing twice per day with a soft bristled brush is certainly one of the primary methods we have to clean our teeth. But, is it enough? Is flossing really necessary as long as a thorough brushing job is part of your daily routine?