The Benefits of High Tech Cone Beam Dental Scans

Dr Hanigofksy leaning on a bridge railing

Did you know not all dental scanning technology is the same? Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scans offer a more in-depth and accurate 3-D scan of both your soft tissue and teeth than traditional scanning equipment. A higher resolution and quicker scan means your dentist will have critical information about your oral health before beginning your procedure. Here are five advantages you will receive by your dentist using this innovative technology in your next dental visit.

Better Imaging, Better Care

While dentists have used X-rays of patients’ teeth to gain more insight into potential injuries or decay as well as provide a roadmap for each patient’s tooth and jawbone development, the newest line of Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scans are outperforming traditional scanning equipment by leaps and bounds. Dr. Hanigofsky at Dental Health Concepts in Hickory, NC explains, “Our Cone Beam produces a significantly clearer picture of both the patient’s bone and soft tissue health in a highly focused area, which means I can go into a procedure with a more accurate understanding of the level of injury or damage I will find.”

As Dr. Hanigofsky alluded, the Cone Beam machine offers dentists an enhanced assessment of bone health concerns in addition to tooth and gum health. Since certain dental procedures like restoring implants require healthy bones, dentists can now use these high-tech scans to determine if the patient is eligible for these procedures beforehand. Patients appreciate knowing if the procedure is a good fit for their dental care needs based on their current bone and tissue health prior to scheduling and the dentist is then able to offer better treatment options that will produce a more successful outcome for that patient. Then, if there is nerve damage found in the scans, the dentist can make adjustments to implants and other dental devices to avoid hitting the nerve enabling the patient to feel more comfortable during and following the procedure. “Anything we can do to improve our patient’s comfort and minimize surprises in a dental procedure aligns with our commitment to providing the highest quality care for our patients available,” added Dr. Hanigofsky.

Earlier Detection, Lower Cost

Another benefit of the Cone Beam equipment is early detection. Even using specialized glasses called dental loupes that have the capability to magnify external surfaces in your mouth, a dentist can only see what is visible to the naked eye without the use of scanning machines like the CBCT. This means in the old days a patient would have to wait until a symptom was visible and exposed before treatment could ensue to prevent the problem from becoming a bigger, more painful, and more costly to repair concern. Thanks to high tech equipment like the Cone Beam and laser cavity detection, dentists who purchase and utilize these tools are able to see and diagnose decay, damage from injury, and even bone deterioration in the early stages where the treatments are minimally invasive saving patients time, money, and discomfort.

Your Scans, Your Health

If you are interested in the cost, time, comfort, and outcome improvements that come with proven innovative technology like the Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), ask your dentist if this equipment is available for your next oral health scans. Looking for a dental clinic where patients are already enjoying the numerous advantages of such high tech tools? Hickory Dentist by Dental Health Concepts is open to new patients in the Hickory, NC area and offers a welcoming environment with an experienced and compassionate team that is dedicated to maximizing your comfort and outcome. Schedule an appointment or a meet and greet with our dentists by filling out our contact form or calling (828) 322-2133.