5 Ways to Save on the Cost of Dental Care!

Dr Hanigofksy leaning on a bridge railing

As we age, we often begin to plan for an increase in dental care expenses. However, with these tips, you can enjoy big oral health savings without compromising on quality. Discover these five ways you can love your smile at any age without breaking your healthcare budget!

  1. Use Best Hygiene Practices
    Did you know 47% of patients over 30 have some level of periodontitis (gum disease) and 64% of patients over 65 have moderate or severe periodontitis? Gum disease is the result of bacteria build-up that could trigger an over-production of inflammation to fight the bacteria which then could travel into the bloodstream. In other words, by not following the proper toothbrushing and flossing procedures daily, you run the risk of wrecking your heart and brain health as well as your budget. Since this disease can lead to numerous conditions ranging from heart disease and stroke to chronic bad breath and tooth loss, spending time working on your teeth and gums each day is an easy and critical step to saving significant healthcare expenses all around!

    Along with regular brushing and flossing, another hygiene practice that removes inflammation-causing plaque build-up is your routine visits to the dentist. During your suggested wellness visits, your dentist will look for signs of periodontitis, tooth decay, and other health issues that often begin showing up in your mouth before other parts of the body. This helps you get a jump on early treatment instead of waiting until the problem becomes a larger and more costly issue.

  2. Start Treating Concerns Early
    Once you are aware of any inflammation, tooth decay, or other related oral health issues, it is always better financially and otherwise to begin the restoration process as quickly as possible. Often times, people make the mistake of putting off suggested dental work for a later year because life gets busy and it can also be difficult to prioritize spending time and money on oneself. But, the best time to schedule your dental repair work is the day you discover a problem. This way, the small issue is less likely to become a larger and deeper concern that continues to build inflammation and will require more time off work with repeated appointments plus more extensive procedures to treat it.

  3. Have it Fixed Right the First Time
    Of course, restoring your healthy smile can still be more costly than necessary if you are trying to cut corners with only repairing a portion of your recommended treatment plan. Having all your repairs done as soon as possible will give you the lowest price for your dental work both in the short term and down the road. Moreover, look for a dentist who offers a full suite of services to be able to have most, if not all, of your procedures performed in-house at the same office to conserve time and money while improving continuity of care.

  4. Before Major Surgery
    As your oral health has been linked with your heart and other areas of your health, you may find putting off that dental work can become an added unexpected investment when it comes time to have major surgery. This is because surgeons know the bacteria from your mouth can travel in the bloodstream to the location of your body being operated on. Such bacteria could create an infection in the wound. Therefore, clearing out all decay or inflammation prior to any surgery with a visit to the dentist may result in delaying needed surgeries and add to the unexpected number of days off work as well as the mounting medical fees. To avoid such issues from becoming overwhelming and the expenses from compiling, be sure to follow the above steps and maintain optimum oral health standards.

  5. Before Chemotherapy or Radiation
    The same rule applies to procedures that rely on the body’s complex healing abilities to be fully focused on the area being treated. For example, chemotherapy and radiation can take a toll on your ability to heal and ward off infection. Your physician will likely order a trip to the dentist first to search for any hidden obstacles that may prevent your best chance for restorative health.

Thus, when you are looking for ways to save on dental care, these important strategies can be beneficial in more ways than you may expect. If you are in need of a dentist in the Hickory area who can give you the comprehensive services you and your family can require over time, contact our office at (828) 322-2133 to schedule your free dental consultation. Let our passionate practice family give your smile the best advantages available. Call today!