Why Patients Love Dr. Powell AKA The Hickory Dentist

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You’ve heard the stories and read the testimonials about patients coming from all over to the small town of Hickory, NC in order to receive dental care by The Hickory Dentist, Dr. Powell, and his experienced team. Comments like “No pain!”, “No longer afraid of visiting the dentist!”, and “Unbelievable results!” are what you hear when you ask about Dr. Powell’s practice. Plus, he does it all with local anesthetics and hypnosis. Does it sound too good to be true? Read on to find out about the training, skills, and technology that set Dr. Powell apart and why his methods work so well patients are willing to drive and fly long distances to see him.

Going Beyond Basic Training
Before dental school, Dr. Powell was known as Sargeant Powell, a Green Beret medic during the Vietnam War. Due to always being in the top 3% of each test given, Sargeant Powell was taught innovative techniques that could be useful in the field during times of extreme duress when there may be limited medical supplies available and emotions may be heightened. Trauma management, emergency protocols, and IV sedation skills were some of the topics covered during his training with the Green Berets.

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Mastering the Skills
“They weren’t going to let me in,” Dr. Powell recalls with a grin when he reflects on the day he arrived at the UNC at Chapel Hill campus to apply for dental school. “I went over there when I got out of the army,” he continued, “and I knew I had missed the deadline (for applications). This was just supposed to be me shaking hands and introducing myself for the next year.” But, the well-reputed dental school’s board was so impressed with the training he had received as a medic they had sent him an acceptance letter into the dentistry program within a month of his visit.

Once enrolled at one of the top 10 dental programs in the United States, Dr. Powell knew he had found his calling. He took advantage of every opportunity to expand his understanding of the field in search of techniques, understanding, and skills he had not yet learned that would improve his patients’ experience, health, and smile aesthetics. In fact, it was during his studies at Chapel Hill that a visiting dentist instructed on what would become Dr. Powell’s super-thin free gingiva tissue grafting technique that does not require sutures. His optional challenging Gnathology certification for mastering jaw alignment that he received immediately after dental school shows his desire to attain knowledge of adjoining fields that may impact his patients’ dental health.

Service award for being president of the NC Academy of General Dentistry

Crafting Those Signature Pain-Free Techniques
It is one thing to have steady hands and expert knowledge to help people. However, the true secret to Dr. Powell’s popularity and earned 5-Star reputation lies in the ongoing satisfaction and fulfillment he receives in helping others look and feel their best. With this driving desire to put his training to use in order to make a difference, Dr. Powell has spent his career in search of proven successful procedures performed by applying new techniques. Examples of skills he learned from reading books combined with observations post-dental school that patients rave about include jerking the lip quickly when giving an injection so the patient’s mind is distracted from the lip tug and never experiences the injection sensation and the art of hypnosis that enables Dr. Powell and his team to effectively perform complex procedures without the need for a general anesthetic while the patient remains pain-free and fully responsive. It is this same driving desire to improve the health and well being of his patients and his artisan craftsmanship that resulted in being asked to serve as president on the North Carolina Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) board, serve on the Catawba County Board of Health, become an AGD Fellow, and join the acclaimed Seattle Study Club to learn the latest in the field from world-renowned experts.

One-Hour Whitening

Investing in Advanced Technology
Of course, technology has also made some improvements over the years in the dental field. While always on the look-out for new ways to improve patient care, Dr. Powell is careful to use only the technology that meets his high standards. Machines creating one-day crowns, for instance, have been on the market for many years. Dr. Powell wanted to offer this convenience to his patients. But, he waited to purchase the machine for his office until he found one that could produce precise and accurate results he could trust. “Any equipment or technique I use needs to deliver the same high quality and standards that my team and I expect,” explained Dr. Powell.

One-hour whitening that can give patients the bright smile they desire in one appointment and a blood platelet spinning technique that enables patients to heal significantly faster are two additional examples of services performed in Dr. Powell’s office as a result of pursuing innovative technology that can benefit patients. Many hospitals do not boast such healing technology, much less local dental clinics. However, thanks to his continued search for ways to improve the average dental procedures, Dr. Powell is proud to offer patients the very best in both aesthetics and healing.

In short, Dr. Powell sums his practice up simply by saying, “I love what I do, and I still look forward to going to work each day.” If you are near the Hickory area and would like to set up a complimentary consultation or you are in search of a dentist with the experience and expertise you can trust, contact the office of the Hickory Dentist at (828) 322-2133 and discover the Dr. Powell difference for yourself!