2x Professional Grade
Tooth Whitening Options

Better Whitening for Improved Outcomes!

One Hour Whitening

In a hurry? Why wait days or even weeks when you can get a brighter smile in one hour? If you have a special event planned or you have tried other whitening methods without success, our One Hour Whitening service gives you noticeable results in one quick visit! For optimum effect, follow your session with our whitening trays that transform your teeth from being stained with years of drinking dark liquids like coffee and tea into a younger-looking dazzling smile you can be proud to show!

Benefits of our One Hour Whitening process include:

  • The shortest whitening process!
  • The most dramatic results!
  • Stronger effect than store-bought kits!
  • May be used in combination with our whitening trays to enhance or boost the whitening effect. 

Whitening Trays

If you wish to brighten your teeth multiple shades at home on your own timeframe, ask about our whitening trays. With the exception of the One Hour Whitening process, our whitening trays are the most powerful option available!

Benefits of our Whitening Trays include:

  • Trays are molded to your teeth for a professional fit.
  • You are in control of which sections of your teeth to target.
  • Stronger whitening agent than at-home kits.
  • Safe to be worn overnight for convenience.
  • Flexible trays for comfort.
  • Compliments the One Hour Whitening process for an enhanced whitening effect.