Oftentimes, patients will ask Dr. Powell from Hickory Dentist about the differences between his traditional crown process and the same day crown process. Although both will result in a color-matching crown you can be proud to show off, there are reasons a patient may prefer one process over another. Read on to find out which crown method is the best fit for you.

When Might a Patient Need a Crown?
Before getting into how a crown is made, it may be helpful to understand why a crown may be recommended. Have you fallen and chipped your front tooth or crunched down too hard while eating and broken off a piece of your molar? Dentists place crowns over broken, misshapen, or damaged teeth to restore its shape and color allowing the individual to both eat more comfortably and smile more confidently. However, there are many other occasions when crowns may be useful, such as an anchor for a bridge or implant.

What is the Traditional Crown Making Process?
If you have decided to move forward with getting a crown, you may be wondering how your next office visit will go should you opt for the traditional two-visit crown method. In your first visit, a member of Dr. Powell’s team will take an X-ray image of the area to see if there are any additional dental concerns that may alter your treatment plan. Next, any dental work needed to provide a secure and stabilizing surface for the crown will be performed. At this point, an impression will be made for your crown before a temporary crown will be placed.

The reason the traditional method takes two visits is your impression will be sent off to a laboratory of experts who carefully and painstakingly craft your permanent crown to mirror the lines, color, and patterns of your original tooth. This means your smile will show the work of people who know how to capture the appearance of a tooth in a way that makes it uniquely yours. During the second visit, Dr. Powell and his team will replace your temporary crown with the artisan crown from the lab.

How are Same Day Crowns Made?
The primary difference between a traditional crown-making method and a same day crown method is you only need one appointment for the same day crowns. However, there are additional differences worthy of note. For example, Dr. Powell and his team will use a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) & Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) device to explore the area. Also, as opposed to an impression that is sent off to a lab, a digital scan will be used to directly mill the matching patterns, cervices, and coloration of the crown by a machine in-house. Your crown will then be placed over your existing tooth within the same visit.

Are Traditional Crowns Better Than Same Day Crowns?
Generally speaking, both methods produce similar results thanks to the level of training and experience Dr. Powell’s team applies when using the highly sophisticated technology. While this crown-producing capability has been available for decades, Dr. Powell waited to utilize it for his patients until the results could match what he felt would be produced by his team and trusted laboratory partners.

Do Same Day Crowns Cost More?
Although it is important to check with your insurance company and dental office for a pricing comparison, most people find the two methods to be similar in terms of the financial cost. This is because the same day crowns are produced solely in-house without the need for outsourcing to a third-party laboratory. Plus, you are paying for less time in the office and receiving more time to spend on other activities as you only need one visit. This is especially helpful for those who find it challenging to take time off from work or other responsibilities.

Therefore, since both methods will restore your tooth to its natural beauty and give you back that confident smile, the decision to use a same day crown method over a traditional crown-making method ultimately may come down to Dr. Powell’s recommendation and convenience. Also, you may find the financial cost is fairly similar with both methods since Dr. Powell and his team are able to pass along the cost savings of crafting the same day crown in-house from start to finish within the same visit. If you are in or traveling to the general Hickory area in the foothills of North Carolina and would like to set up a free dental consultation, contact Dr. Powell’s office using our online form or call the office at (828) 322-2133.