Frequently Asked Questions

What type of toothbrush should I use?

Soft bristle brushes help protect and clean the teeth and gums without being overly harsh on the gum line. Toothbrushes with mixed bristle heights or angled bristles clean better than those with bristles that are the same height.

Powered toothbrushes work well by angling the brush head along the gum line. Be careful not to press too hard or the bristles will not be effective. Both powered and manual toothbrushes will be effective when used properly. Allow two minutes for a thorough cleaning.  

I have a toothache. What should I do?

Clean the tooth and gum line around the tooth very well. Try rinsing with warm salt water and call our office. It is important to call with any significant discomfort before taking aspirin or any medication.

My permanent tooth was knocked out.

Pick up the tooth by the crown, not the root, and reinsert it into the pocket. Gently bite on clean gauze to hold it into place.  If it is not possible to reinsert the tooth, put it into a cup with milk to take it with you to the dentist.  Call our office immediately after the tooth is in place.  If our office is closed and you cannot reach us, seek emergency dental care at the nearest hospital. 

My jaw feels broken.

Tie a towel or man’s tie around the head and jaw to stabilize it. Then, seek emergency care at the nearest hospital. 

My tooth just broke off.

Rinse any dirt from the area with warm water. Locate and transport any saved piece of the tooth in milk. Call us immediately. 

What should I do if I bit my tongue and it is bleeding?

Apply pressure with a clean gauze or cloth. If bleeding is too much to control with the pressure or if the bleeding persists after 15 minutes, seek emergency care at the nearest hospital.

Why do I have a cold sore or canker sore?

Cold sores and canker sores are very common, and usually go away on their own. There are some over-the-counter medications that help with any associated discomfort.  However, there are some serious causes of these sores that require more treatment. If the sore persists or if you find more of them appearing, contact our office.